Copper on the Hudson

This unique home sits on a bluff overlooking the Hudson River and the Catskill Mountains. It was designed and built by renowned Architect Allan Shope. We were hired by Allan to fabricate and install the custom copper wall cladding system, and to install the liquid membrane roofing for the green roof system.

The custom wall cladding was all fabricated with 20 oz. cold rolled copper. The bulk of the copper panels were of a uniform rectangular dimension, utilizing a typical flat seam detail. The panels followed the pitch of the roof, opposed to the more conventional method of installing them on a level axis. Each copper wall panel was fastened with four copper clips that were fastened with copper nails. Each door and window surround was clad with 20 oz. copper. The parapet cap and edge detail was also done in 20 oz. copper. At the interior of the parapet wall we installed a custom copper railing.

For the green roof system Allan had indicated he was interested in a product that would provide him the assurance of a long term peace of mind waterproofing installation. After extensive research we came to the conclusion our best option was ProDeq, a two-part urethane epoxy product manufactured by TQ3 and widely used on projects requiring a zero tolerance of water infiltration, including buildings at the NSA and the Pentagon.

Prodeq was “systematically designed” by TQ3 for use in Europe originally. Systematic design means that each Prodeq component has been formulated to meet real waterproofing challenges. These components include: A sealer/primer to reduce the threat of water and vapor in the substrate, a two-part spray applied instant setting membrane to effectively waterproof complicated detailing. A thick, rapid curing wear coat to accommodate all forms of construction traffic and overburden The result is an easy to specify, fast applied, more durable and long lasting waterproofing.


Photo Credit Peter Aaron



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