When properly specified and properly installed wood shingles are among the very best choices for a roofing material. Over the past 35 years, we have installed hundreds of wood roofs throughout New England. We would welcome the opportunity to offer you a consultation and assess your roofing needs while giving you simple, meaningful answers to any questions that you may have.

Wood shingles have an organic beauty that make them a wonderful choice for a roofing material. Historically wood roofing has been a significant part of American architecture. Many structures demand to be adorned with a wood roof; they just wouldn’t look right without one.

Wood shingles are versatile in their capacity to be manufactured in different dimensions and texture, and from different species of trees. They are readily formed, and shaped. They are available both in pressure-treated and in fire-treated varieties.

Unlike many roofing choices wood roofing is a renewable resource, and the industry is particularly sensitive to their environmental responsibilities. Additionally shingles are comparably thermal-efficient and lightweight to most of their roofing counterparts.

The subtle beauty of a weathering wood roof commands an admiration. This regard is widespread and not only enhances a home’s aesthetic but positively influences its value.

Benefits of Owning A Wood Roof

  • Aesthetically versatile – Complimenting a wide variety of architecture and design.
  • Organic appearance – Natural beauty
  • Environmentally friendly – A renewable resource
  • Comparably affordable when measured against slate, tile, and copper roofing.
  • Significantly lighter than slate and tile roofing.
  • Added home value – Widely admired and associated with quality

Common Varieties of Wood Roofing

  • Western Red Cedar  (Often Pressure Treated)
  • Alaskan Yellow Cypress  (Often referred to as cedar)

Types of Shingles

Shingles are typically available in lengths of 18”and 24” and are offered in several thicknesses.

  • #1 Perfections
  • Tapersawns
  • Handsplits / Shakes
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