Belle Haven

large cedar roof

Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Greenwich CT

Located in the Belle Haven area of Greenwich, this home was completely renovated by the general contracting firm Hobbs, Inc. of New Canaan, Connecticut. We were hired as the roofing contractor to install the roofing, flashing, and gutters.

This Alaskan Yellow Cedar roofing system was initiated with the installation of Grace Ice & Water Shield® self-adhered roofing underlayment a premier membrane composed of two waterproofing materials—an aggressive rubberized asphalt adhesive backed by a layer of high density cross laminated polyethylene. This product was carefully installed over the entire roof surface and carried up all roof penetrations. The intention was to create a watertight sub-roof membrane.

Following the installation of the Grace Ice & Water we installed a cold framed roof structure.  The purpose of a cold frame system is to create a roof that has proper ventilation while maintaining a highly weather tight integrity. The first step we take when installing a cold frame system is to construct a ventilation system. We did this by installing a copper insect screen and a lead coated copper drip edging at the eaves.  Subsequently we installed pressure treated sleepers over each roof rafter. After the sleepers we installed 1”x 3” spaced sheathing (also referred to as: “lath” or “battens”). Because the property was in close proximity to the salt water environment of Long Island Sound, we fastened all of our cold framing materials with stainless steel nails.

Next came the gutter hangers. We installed roof mounted solid copper shanks spaced at approximately 24”and fastened them with stainless steel screws.

All of the roof flashing components, the masonry thru-wall flashing and through to the flue flashing at the chimneys  were fabricated out of 20 oz. lead coated copper. All copper flashing materials were fastened with copper nails.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Installers

The finished roof was comprised of Alaskan Yellow Cedar Premium Tapersawn shingles; 18 inches in length and installed at 5 ½” exposure. The roof shingles were exclusively fastened with Type 316 stainless steel shingle nails. When within 15 miles of saltwater environments it is considered wise to use only Type 316 Stainless Steel.

The lead coated copper gutter and leader system was comprised of 6”half round gutter and 4”plain round leader.

  • Clean and modern architecture
  • Eco friendly materials
  • Idea to final solution



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